Articles on the OEK in general

Nigel Simeone, The Musical Times, summer 2002
Title: No Looking back
"outstanding edition... a superb achievement"
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Source: Michel Parouty, Diapason 10/2000
Title: "Jean-Christophe Keck: Editer Offenbach"
An interview with editor Jean-Christophe Keck
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Source: Ivan A. Alexandre, Diapason 3/2002
Title: "L’Hexagone s’édite bien"
"An unerring edition... the more practical as it is made by a genuine musician."
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Source: Ekkehard Pluta, Klassik heute 12/2001
Title: "Wiedergutmachung an Offenbach"
"It's high time for a revision of judegements, and a rehabilitation."
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